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I have a problem letting strangers in my house as you should. However, many home service providers are just that, strangers. Experience has taught me that there are services that I cannot live without. With summer setting in, one of the things that became evident is that I needed pest control services.

The first thing I noticed was a few ants lingering around some cookie crumbs after one of my little ones raided some treats. Evenings introduced mosquitoes and hotter days brought a hoard of flies that made eating impossible. It was horrifying to imagine what other pests could be hiding in my yard and house. I needed to take action, but that would mean letting strangers into my home.

When it comes to pest control, many people have had bad experiences with pest control companies, from unprofessionalism to not getting the job done and even cases of theft. After a quick Google search and recommendations for pest control in Orlando, Florida, I found All American Pest Control. 

The first thing I did was to visit their website. The first thing I noticed their services, so I knew I was in the right place. They also have over 10,000 satisfied customers, which I found to be quite impressive. I then called the service line and spoke to a customer care consultant who was happy to answer all my questions. I even got a free and affordable estimate; it guided me into booking a service. Their working hours were flexible, so I was happy when they agreed to come at a convenient time.

The day finally came, and I was anxious. I was worried about how they would go about the whole process. I sent everyone away and remained to supervise just in case. Upon arrival, I noticed that the crew was easily identifiable with uniforms and badges. The job manager listened to my concerns and did a quick inspection of the house while his crew waited. He then outlined how he was going to handle the area and what places he would need access to in the house.

He then addressed his crew, and they got to work. If professionalisms were a pest company, it would be this one. They had undeniable synchrony that was interesting to watch. They worked fast and effectively, ensuring that all my concerns were addressed. 

Moreover, they were quite polite. I am curious, so I asked questions about the products and procedures they were using. They answered all my questions politely. Moreover, they maneuvered through each are with care and ease. Nothing was broken, damaged, or went missing the whole time they were there. When they left, I was satisfied with what they had done and a little afraid at what my bill would read.

When the bill finally arrived, I was astonished at how affordable the service was. It was just around the ballpark of my free estimate. My overall experience with was excellent and professional. If you love your safety but still need pest control services, then you will appreciate these services.

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